Woman says she was groped by man while she was on the beach

A woman claims she was sexually harassed by a man while wearing sandals at a local beach, The Huffington Mail reports.

The woman, who was on a date with a man she knew from the local area, said she was sitting at the beach with friends when she felt a hand grab her shoulder.

“I was sitting there, and he was like, ‘You’re wearing sandal heels.’

And I was like ‘What?!'” the woman told The Huffington in a statement.

The man told her she looked cute, and then “flipped me off,” the woman said.

She said she didn’t know if the man knew she was wearing sandaled shoes, but he eventually apologized.

The unnamed woman said she felt intimidated, and that the man then “showed me his genitals” while asking if she wanted to have sex with him.

She claims she told the man to stop and to not touch her again, but the man continued to ask for more sex.

“So I was sitting on the sand, and I was thinking, ‘I’m just sitting here, and there’s somebody who wants to do something to me,'” the woman explained.

The unidentified woman said the man’s next move was to try and kiss her.

“Then he grabbed my shoulder and grabbed my head.

He was like trying to kiss me,” she told The MailOnline.

“And I was freaking out.

I was crying, and my friends were freaking out too.”

The unidentified man allegedly tried to grab the woman’s hair, and she grabbed her face.

“He was like pushing me down,” the unidentified woman told the MailOnline, adding that she grabbed the man by the neck and pulled him down, while the woman screamed in pain.

The women said they then went to a local police station, where the woman claimed that the male was interviewed by police officers.

“It was pretty much a lie, like they said,” the unnamed woman told MailOnline about her account.

“The officer said that they couldn’t say anything because he was under arrest.

I told him, ‘How many times do I have to say that?’

He just said, ‘That’s what he said.'”

The woman said her friend told her about the alleged incident a week after it happened.

The Daily Mail has reached out to the California Highway Patrol for comment.