Which socks do you wear? – Al Jazeera’s Sarah Rainsford

In the United States, many of us have grown up with the notion that “socks are for boys” and “skins are for girls”.

But what do we really know about what makes these socks so special?

In this episode of the Al Jazeera Stylecast, we take a closer look at the history of these iconic designs.

In particular, we explore the origins of the term “sock”.

Why is it so hard to define a “saddle” when there are so many different versions?

And how do you choose between “sacks” and socks?

10 things to know about the Nike Slice Shoes

Nike’s slippers have become a staple in many households around the world and now, it appears that the company has created a new line of footwear that are designed specifically for children and teens.

The shoes, which feature colorful rubber soles and laces, have recently been featured in the popular film, “Grown Ups,” and are now available in select stores in the United States and Europe.

“Nike Slice” sneakers are available in sizes 7 through 9, and are priced at $40.

The company also launched a new limited edition “Mama’s Shoes” collection in August which features an additional pair of Nike Slices as well as a black “Cocoa Bean” heel color.

According to the “Grow Up” star, the “Mamas Shoes” sneakers will only be available at Nike’s online store for a limited time.

“This is an incredible collaboration with Nike, and I can’t wait to see the impact it has on young minds and mindsets,” said “Grew Ups” star Adam Driver in a statement.

The “Makers” series is a series of sneakers made by Nike’s footwear manufacturing partner, Vibram, which includes the Nike Swoosh, Swooh, Zoom, and Zomba.