The adidas Adiks Top 10 Shoes in 2018

Adidas has released their list of the top 10 shoes in 2018.

Here is the full list.1.

Adidas Ultra Boost 3, Black, Black/White-Red-Black-Blue-Red2.

Adidas Boost 4, White, White-White-White3.

Adidas Originals Ultra Boost, White/Red-White/Black4.

Adidas Red Boost, Black-Red/Black-Red5.

Adidas C-Ticket, White6.

Adidas Socks, Black7.

Adidas T-shirt, White8.

Adidas Black, White9.

Adidas Shoes, Black10.

Adidas AdiKS Top 10 Footwear in 20181.

Nike LeBron X (Mid-Black), Black/Black2.

Nike Air Max (Mid Black), Black-Black3.

Nike Nike LeBron, Black4.

Nike Hyper Boost (Mid Blue), Black5.

Nike Reebok Flyknit (Mid Red), Black6.

Nike Zoom F1, Black8.

Nike Vibram FiveFingers (Mid Orange), Black9.

Nike Flyknit Boost (Mint Blue), Grey10.

Nike Zephyr Black, Grey/White

GQ Magazine covers “black sandal” fashion trend

The cover story for this week’s GQ features a woman wearing a white-sandal wedding dress, a look that’s been trending on social media in recent months.

“It was my dream to have my own black sandal when I was a little girl, so I decided to make it happen,” the bride-to-be tells GQ, who says she wanted a “weddy look that felt timeless and cool.”

This trend has been gaining traction, as it’s become more popular for men and women who are looking to create a formal wedding dress that looks chic, while still giving the look a vintage touch.

The bride-and-groom’s designer, who goes by “Bessie,” says her inspiration comes from her favorite vintage shoes, and the shoes are inspired by vintage pieces that have stood the test of time.

The pair of white sandals are designed by “The Pussycat Doll” of The Fashion Spot, a designer that specializes in contemporary women’s fashion.

They’re made from black canvas that’s dyed with a metallic metallic yellow, which adds to the unique look.

“I love the color because it’s so subtle,” she says.

“There’s something very romantic about it.”

“It’s a little bit of a vintage look, a little quirky, a bit of whimsy,” says “Bressie” when asked about the color.

“If you can make a shoe that’s a combination of both of those things, that’s great.

You have to have that kind of personality to make something like this work.”

The pair was designed by fashion designer “The Pink Lady,” who also created the dress that was worn by the bride’s parents.

“They wanted something that would look like a little piece of furniture they had,” “Bessa” says of the family’s wedding.

“And it’s a nice touch.

It’s very contemporary and very retro.”

“The Black Sandal” is also available at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Forever 21, Forever 22, and Urban Outfitters.

The “Black Sandal,” which is currently on sale at Nordskate, is $180 and is available now for pre-order.

For more on the wedding season, check out our slideshow above.