When you’re the best-looking man in the world, you have to have a white platform sandal

The sandals worn by some of the world’s best-dressed people are not just for men, but also women.

For men, they can be stylish, fashionable, and fashionable.

For women, they are just for when they feel the need to wear sandals on the beach.

But for some women, it is also a way to express their femininity.

For example, Aishwarya Rai was the first Indian to win the Miss World pageant.

But she did not wear a sandal.

“I have been asked to wear a white sandal for the past three years,” she told Al Jazeera.

“I have always felt that it is my choice.

I have always wanted to wear white sandals.

When I was in the Miss Universe contest in 2016, I wore white sandaled sandals.”

But Rai is not the only woman to wear the sandals at home.

“My husband, Rahul, was a champion runner.

He used to wear one every morning,” said Raghav, an IT worker.

“He wears them every day.”

According to Al Jazeera, Sandals have been used in Indian art for thousands of years.

But the modern generation is changing the way they are worn.

Raghav’s mother, Ankit, who is a teacher, said sandals are not about being feminine.

“It is just a fashion statement,” she said.

“For a young girl like me, sandals were very important.

When my mother was growing up, she would always ask me to wear them.

And I would wear them with my bangs and my hair.”

Raghvats mother said the idea of wearing sandals in the home was not about showing off.

“Sandals were not worn in the house for many, many years,” Ankit said.

“When I was a child, my mother would ask me how many sandals I wore.

And we would say three or four,” said Ankit.

Sandals can be made from a variety of materials.

Some are made of nylon or rayon.

Others are made from cotton or polyester.

But most of them are made by sewing together cotton or nylon and a thin layer of polyester or rayons.

For some women who have decided to wear some sandals outside, the material is less important.

“When I first started wearing sandal, it was just about showing that I am a woman,” said Sui.

“And I felt I was not wearing sandaling because I was wearing a black dress.”

But Sui says she felt that the sandal was more revealing.

“The way I was dressed was not very revealing,” she explained.

“But it did bring out my curves.”

The sandals themselves can be expensive.

But some of them can cost more than $300.

For many women, that is a huge difference.

“A lot of sandals cost $300 and you get a sandaled woman,” Raghvatt said.

For many, wearing sandaled shoes has become a way of expressing femininity, especially for women in the west.

“If you are wearing a white shoe, it makes your feet look bigger.

If you are not wearing a sandals but a black, it gives your feet a bit more shape,” said Rajesh.

“People have said it makes you look like a princess.”

Rajesh and Sui have both been in the US and are planning to return soon to India.

They want to make sure they have everything they need before returning to India, but they have no plans to change their outfits.