A video review of Nike’s new Sandals

Posted July 21, 2018 11:53:56A video review from our own Matt, who has been testing the new Sandal in our NYC offices: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2tXzWzZVfY The Sandal is a shoe that will likely change the way you wear a pair of shoes for the foreseeable future. 

The Nike Air Trainer 4.0 has been a hit with our staff and we’ve noticed that it’s a popular model in the NYC marketplace, so we decided to dig in to try the new sandals out on our test group. 

First impressionsFirst off, the Nike Sandals look pretty cool. 

These are super light and incredibly comfortable. 

It’s a nice balance between athletic comfort and strength. 

While we haven’t gotten to try them in person, I think the sandals look great. 

There are several details on the shoe that differentiate it from other sandals.

The heel is a little bit more rounded than we’ve seen on other sandal models. 

On the inside of the heel, there’s a “W” shaped indentation. 

This indentation makes the sandal feel like it’s not a traditional sandal, but instead, an “X”. 

There’s also a slightly curved toe section on the heel that makes the shoe feel more like a traditional heel-outsole pair. 

Nike is using the same technology as the other shoe makers in this area. 

For instance, the heel section is curved, which allows the toe to rest more easily. 

Another difference between the Nike Air and the other shoes is that the sandaled toe section is angled in a way that makes it less likely to slip and fall off during walking. 

All of this helps keep the foot in the correct position during the walking portion of the boot. 

Additionally, the toe cap is a lot smaller than the heel cap of the Nike Trainer 4, and it makes it easier to adjust the shoe without having to lift the foot to the side. 

Lastly, there are some subtle tweaks to the footbed that make the shoe more resistant to wind and rain. 

As you can see in the video, the shoe has a little notch that is drilled out to allow the footpad to be easily adjusted. 

Finally, the leather on the sole is slightly different than that on other models.

We don’t have a perfect read on how the shoe is going to look and feel on the feet of some of you, but it seems like it will be much more comfortable and supportively comfortable than the rubber outsole on the other models we’ve tested. 

How does it feel? 

I’ll admit, I was a little nervous about wearing the Sandals when I got home. 

I’d heard good things about the sanded-in toes, but I’ve had a few complaints about the rubber, which has been mentioned as an issue with some other models before. 

We have been very pleased with the shoe so far. 

Its comfort is perfect for any type of walking and walking is a great way to get fit, but the Sandal has been surprisingly comfortable on our feet. 

Even on our short hikes and trails, I found that the shoe didn’t make me feel like I was walking on the ground, but rather, it felt like I could step up a bit and get up on the toes. 

Overall, the shoes are a great fit for our feet, and I’m very happy with the way they feel on our toes.

10 things to know about the Nike Slice Shoes

Nike’s slippers have become a staple in many households around the world and now, it appears that the company has created a new line of footwear that are designed specifically for children and teens.

The shoes, which feature colorful rubber soles and laces, have recently been featured in the popular film, “Grown Ups,” and are now available in select stores in the United States and Europe.

“Nike Slice” sneakers are available in sizes 7 through 9, and are priced at $40.

The company also launched a new limited edition “Mama’s Shoes” collection in August which features an additional pair of Nike Slices as well as a black “Cocoa Bean” heel color.

According to the “Grow Up” star, the “Mamas Shoes” sneakers will only be available at Nike’s online store for a limited time.

“This is an incredible collaboration with Nike, and I can’t wait to see the impact it has on young minds and mindsets,” said “Grew Ups” star Adam Driver in a statement.

The “Makers” series is a series of sneakers made by Nike’s footwear manufacturing partner, Vibram, which includes the Nike Swoosh, Swooh, Zoom, and Zomba.

Nike has a $3 million deal to sell sneakers to kids in Africa

The global sneaker giant has signed a deal with a Kenyan shoe manufacturer to sell a handful of sneakers to children in Africa.

The deal with Footwear Factory was announced Monday by Footwear Africa, a non-profit group that aims to help children who are affected by diseases.

It’s a big win for the company, which has been struggling to compete with the booming global market for sneakers.

The footwear maker has faced criticism in recent years for selling sneakers to poor families in countries like South Sudan, Somalia and Sudan.

But this latest deal shows how the footwear giant is continuing to invest in Africa’s rapidly growing market.

The Footwear factory is located in Sharm el-Sheikh, an ancient Egyptian city where the famous pyramids once stood.

It opened in the 1960s, but it closed in 2010, amid an economic crisis.

In addition to providing shoes to children, Footwear’s footwear program will include clothing, jewelry and accessories, the company said in a statement.

The shoes will go on sale later this year in more than 20 markets in Africa and Europe.