GOP senator says Trump’s new travel ban could be ‘the biggest mistake’

The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on President Donald Trump’s executive order that temporarily bans citizens from six Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) will testify on Thursday.

Trump signed the order on March 6.

Graham said in a statement Thursday that he’s concerned the order could “lead to a new wave of terrorism” and that the order “has not been implemented to the degree required.”

“The executive order has not been enforced and the administration should immediately notify the Congress that it intends to rescind it and implement a new version that is more robust and is in line with the laws of the land,” Graham said.

Graham also called on the Trump administration to release its travel ban list by May 15.

How to wear a rainbow sandal

Women’s and girls’ sandals are the latest fashion trend, but there’s a twist.

A rainbow-patterned sandal has become a popular footwear choice for the millions of women and girls in Africa and Asia. 

Hapa women, like many in the developing world, have been wearing the traditional style of wearing a black skirt and sandals for thousands of years.

They are part of a wider trend that has been gaining momentum in the past decade and is increasingly seen as the most fashion-forward way to wear sandals.

In India, a trend for traditional sandals has also been gaining traction, according to Vipul Chandra, director of research at, a global marketing consultancy.

In Asia, the trend is often referred to as the sari-sari or the saris-saris, said Chandra.

They are traditionally woven from the same fabric as the traditional Indian sandals but with a rainbow pattern.

In the past, the sarsaris have also been used to create the signature look for many Indian fashion houses, including Prabal Gurung, whose saris are often worn with the traditional red and green chappals of the state.

“They are traditionally worn as a formal footwear style and a mark of social status, which is why they are so important to a woman’s fashion identity,” Chandra said.

While the traditional sari is worn by women in the country, there is a growing interest among younger generations of women in India for sandals and other footwear options that are more casual, fashionable and easy to wear.

This year, a new style of footwear, called a kimono, is gaining popularity, as it has a more feminine, sophisticated look. 

“We have been seeing a lot of young people who want to go out and have fun, whether that is dancing, going to bars, going out to clubs, going for walks or going shopping,” Chandra told ABC News.

“We are seeing a really strong interest from young women to go outside and dress up as something they are proud of and not ashamed of.”

The trend for the traditional sandal is a good example of a new fashion trend.

Sandals have long been worn by young women in China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia and other parts of the developing country.

Women in China wear traditional sandallas and women in Pakistan and Indonesia have long worn sandals as part of their traditional attire.

“They really are part and parcel of the traditional identity of the people of those countries,” Chandra explained. 

Women in India, too, have started wearing traditional sandales, a traditional dress worn for a traditional ceremony.

Indian women in particular have been looking to embrace this new style, said Chandra.

“India is such a diverse country with so many cultures and religions.

There is a lot to look forward to in India,” she said. 

Many of the other fashion trends in the U.S. and Europe are influenced by the changing demographics of the country.

When is a white sandal not a white dress?

While it’s not an official fashion statement, the white sandals are a staple of modern fashion.

The white sandales have been worn in the US and Europe since the 19th century, but the trend has caught on in the last decade as women have embraced the style.

The popularity of white sandallas has also helped to drive down the price of the popular style.

While a white wedding dress is now on the market for $600, a white tennis shoe can be found for around $1,000.

However, you can still find white sandalls in some places for as little as $100.

To celebrate a white sartorial statement, we asked women from around the world what they thought about white sandalias and how they dress to make the most of the style in their own lives.

I was originally going to say a white tuxedo, but I was really going for the style of a white lace-up shoes.

The dress itself is actually a very minimal dress, so I wanted to have it in a more contemporary style.

When you first see the white sardines, you are thinking that they look really nice, but when you get to the top of the dress, you realize that it’s actually very tight.

For the most part, the sandals were my first choice.

When I was in London, my sister had a white pair of sandals and I was thinking, ‘I could wear these to work, too.’

In Japan, the style was always very casual, but now that there is more formal wear going on, I think it’s becoming more and more formal.

It’s a lot easier to wear white sandalling.

When it comes to dressing for a party, it’s a good idea to have a dress and a white tee.

I prefer the look of a dress.

White sandals don’t require a lot of planning, so they are perfect for a weekend trip or a holiday.

If you go to a restaurant, I would suggest going with a white suit and white tie, because that gives the sandal a more relaxed look.

You can wear the sandalles as a tie and tie and a dress, too.

The sandals can be worn for a long time.

It’s not necessary to change them once you wear them for a while, so there is no reason to wear them a lot more than that.