Adidas announces new ankle straps, flip-flops and sandals

Adidas, the world’s largest fashion company, is expanding its offerings to include ankle straps and flip-Flops.

The company announced today that it has partnered with the US footwear company Fendi to create a range of new ankle accessories, including the new Sandals & Flipflops line.

The Sandals series is a collection of footwear, sandals and flip flops designed specifically for women with a wide range of body shapes, including: “thigh highs,” “wide hips,” “thick calves,” “biceps and abs” and “wide thighs.”

The new shoes, which are available at select Fendi stores, will feature “high-tech” mesh ankle straps that are “designed to be adjustable for fit.”

The footwear will be available in three sizes: the Sandals 2, Sandals 3 and Sandals 4.

The flip-Foils line will feature the same ankle strap but with a mesh bottom, while the sandals will feature a mesh top and an elastic waistband.

The Fendi sandals have been in the works for some time, and will likely launch in the fall.

Adidas said in a statement that the new footwear will help make the shoes available for all consumers and help the brand “focus on the most popular sizes.”

“This collaboration with Fendi represents a great opportunity for us to create the footwear of our dreams,” Adidas CEO John Henry told Reuters.

“The new footwear, designed by our most trusted partners, will be ready to hit the streets in fall.”

Adidas also announced the availability of the Fendi Flip-Flop Sandals line in its stores, and said it would be launching the new shoes in October.