Woman in maternity clothes, breastfeeding son, wearing baby boots, running through bush

A woman has been caught on camera breastfeeding her child, while wearing a baby boot.

Key points:A woman is seen running through the bush in a maternity dressThe baby boy is not wearing a belt and has no shoesA mum is seen feeding her baby at her house in the remote town of St KildaKey points1:07A woman was caught on film breastfeeding her baby, wearing a boot, and running through a bush on Tuesday night.

The mother, who is not named, was filming the childrens playgroup at her St Kildare home and was carrying the child in her arms as she walked through a scrubland area.

She stopped and asked the child if she could put the baby down and asked him if he was hungry.

The child, who was not wearing any shoes, was not hungry and sat on her mother’s lap.

She told the camera she could hear him breathing.

A female member of the group walked up to the woman and handed her the baby.

The woman told the cameras she was breastfeeding the child.

“I said, ‘I don’t know what’s wrong, but I love you,'” she said.

“The child is sitting on my lap and he’s not wearing shoes.”

He’s not in his diaper.

I’ve never seen a baby in diapers, but that’s what he looks like.

“The mother said she felt a little bit embarrassed, but said she would never do anything like that again.

She said the group had been playing since 10.30pm and was starting to get tired.

The group has been playing for hours.

The baby, who had not eaten in about five minutes, was also not in the same condition as the others.

The camera continued to film as the woman looked on.”

Thank you so much, mum,” the camera said as she gave the child a kiss.

The man and woman were then seen feeding the child, which appeared to be eating.

The footage was then deleted from the woman’s Facebook page.

It is not known whether the mother or baby has been charged.