Woman found naked, chained up in hotel room

A woman has been found chained up naked, naked, tied up and locked in a hotel room for almost six months, authorities in Texas said on Wednesday.

In a news conference, Texas police Chief Michael Bexar said the woman, who was identified as 31-year-old Mary Marie Lopez, was discovered in the hotel room of a guest at the Austin-based Holiday Inn Express on Wednesday morning.

“She was tied up, naked with duct tape and plastic restraints and had no food or water,” Bexaar said.

Lopez was found on the second floor of the hotel after being found in a motel room on April 13, and Bexare said police found a number of items in her room including a knife and a gun, which were not believed to be used.

“We don’t know where the knife came from,” BEXAAR said.

“It was recovered from her room.”

The hotel’s owner said he was unaware of Lopez’s case.

The woman, known by family as Mary Marie, is the mother of two young children.

She was last seen leaving a convenience store in May, Bexasar said, adding she has not been seen since.