‘I’m not worried about my body’: Barefoot Sandals Founder on ‘I can’t be afraid’

Barefoot sandal-maker Jason Smith is not worried at all about the recent health scares in his community.

Smith told CBC News in an interview on Monday that he has had no recent health issues and has been doing a lot of running and is on a healthy diet.

“It’s just been an extremely difficult situation and I’ve just been going about it in a very healthy way, which is kind of hard for people to wrap their heads around,” he said.

The 33-year-old has been running barefoot in the community since 2009, and in January of this year, he started the company Barefoot Running, which he started with his brother in Toronto, Canada.

While the company is open for business, it’s the first of its kind in the country.

As part of its mission, the company sells sandals to the public through the online store, Barefoot Runners, and also offers free sandals for the first 20 people who sign up to the Barefoot run at least once a week for at least a year.

When asked if he was worried about the health of his customers, Smith said, “I’m definitely not worried.

I’m just going about life, man.

I’ve got my kids, I’m a full-time dad.”

In his new business, he said he wants to “help people who are just starting out, people who need a place to start and get some support.”

I’ve got to start over, because I can’t get away from that.

“Smith is the founder of Barefoot running and sandals company, and says the community is supportive of his business.

Barefoot Sandal Co. is located in Victoria, British Columbia.

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