What to wear to the sandals competition

Shoes have been the focus of fashion for years now, but now, a new shoe has found itself in the limelight.

The sandals of Sandals Grande Antigua and the Women’s Grande are an entirely new style of sandals that has gained a huge following.

These sandals have been developed by a Brazilian-born shoe designer named Lina Alves and are based on the original sandals worn by the world’s most successful female athletes in the past decade.

The style is simple, yet the way it is made is incredibly elegant.

The shoes are a simple lace-up design with a simple heel, which means they are designed to be lightweight and breathable.

The design has caught the eye of some celebrities, including actress Angelina Jolie.

The women’s sandals are available in two different colours, a dark and a light pink.

These are the same colours used by the women’s footwear in the films The Wolf of Wall Street and The Martian.

The shoe also features an elastic waistband for the ankle that is designed to provide support when the foot is lifted, and the heel can be raised up when the heel is turned sideways.

The Sandals grandes have a classic, minimal silhouette and are designed with minimal padding and a soft sole.

They have a unique, elegant and stylish design.

The brand has now launched two other sandals designs, called the Sandals Femme and Femme Femme, in the UK.