Chloe Sandals: ‘I think it’s time for women to be heard’

CHLOE SANDALS, N.Y. (AP) When it comes to women in power, Chloe Sandal was one of the first to rise to the occasion.

She was a senator from New York who voted against the Iraq War.

Now she’s the Democratic vice presidential nominee, a woman who’s a star in the making.

Chloe Sandals, who was born in North Carolina, said she thinks it’s important to listen to the people in power and to understand why they’re doing what they’re going to do.

Sandal, whose husband, Sen. Joe Biden, was the first woman to become vice president in 1980, said in a campaign interview that she feels strongly about the role of women in politics.

“I’m not interested in the men who are running for president,” she said.

Biden, Sandal and Vice President Joe Biden have been the only female candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination, which is set for its first primary election on Feb. 3.

Sandals, a former U.S. attorney, is the first openly gay woman to be elected to the U.N. Security Council and a leading voice on women’s issues, especially in the fight against the Zika virus.

In the interview with The Associated Press, Sandals talked about how the Clinton campaign has helped her navigate the transition from being a senator to a presidential candidate.

Sandal, who will be in New York on Saturday to campaign with President Joe Obama for the first time, said the Clintons have been supportive.

The two, who are friends, have known each other for years and are close, Sandall said.

“I think we’ve been really lucky to have had that support.”

Sandals is a first-time candidate and first female presidential candidate in modern U.K. history.

She said the country has been moving in the right direction for women in leadership and public service.

But Sandal said she’s looking to challenge the status quo and be the president who will lead on issues important to women, including the issue of reproductive rights.

Sandal said women should be treated like any other citizen.

We should not be expected to be a second class citizen, Sandali said.

Sandali said she believes in women’s rights and believes that there’s a lot that can be done for women.

She said the biggest thing that she wants to do is raise awareness about the need for a women’s movement and about how women can be leaders in the world.

I’m a champion for women and women’s leadership, Sandaling said.

Sandals said she is looking forward to meeting with Democratic Party officials and with the female voters who have made her the most popular senator.

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