When Tom Hilfiger is not rocking the Tom Hilvis, he’s rocking the Madden girl sandal

Tom Hilfers sandals are the ultimate, unisex shoe.

But as the Madden series continues, the company is also adding a few new sandals for girls, including one for the Madden Girl Sandal, a black and white sandal that will hit stores in late November.

The Madden Girl sandal is made of durable, water-resistant, and waterproof materials that are designed to protect the foot from cold temperatures and other impacts, like sand dunes and rain.

It’s available in the color of your choice, and comes with a stylish red heel and red tongue, as well as two heel inserts that are comfortable for your foot, and are removable.

The Madden Girl comes in a number of styles, and it’s not uncommon for the sandals to feature different colors for different seasons, as shown in this comparison image:The Madden girl can be worn as a casual casual shoe, with or without a white toe, or as a pair of heels for longer walks.

Tom Hilfurth told The Verge in an email that the sandal “is designed to offer the best of both worlds for your everyday footwear needs.”

The Madden Boy sandal comes in black, yellow, white, and grey, and can be purchased in men’s sizes from $20 to $40, and women’s sizes in $20.

You can also pick up the Madden Boy Sandal in mens sizes from the company’s website, and in women’s size from the store.