Coaches, shoes with sandal platforms and socks with sandALS platform sandal

The Israeli Football Association (IFA) announced that it has created a “Coaches’ platform” for Israeli athletes.

The team’s coach slides sandals on top of his own shoes.

The sandals feature a small “C” on the side of the shoe for players who do not have sandals and a “S” to represent their teammates.

Players can also choose to wear socks with the sandals.

They can choose from a variety of colors and patterns, and they can also wear a hat.

They are made of nylon material.

The announcement was made on Wednesday in a press conference, during which the head of the Israeli Football Federation (IFA), Amir Cohen, presented the initiative.

“We wanted to create something that will make a difference for Israeli footballers,” said Cohen.

“It’s a platform that will give a different perspective to the Israeli football team and our fans.

We want to be the platform for our fans to enjoy and show support for the Israeli athletes, to support their work and to show that they are very, very good.”

The Israeli Football League, a professional league based in the country’s capital, Tel Aviv, is a part of the Israel Football Federation.

The platform, created by Israeli company Sporti, is designed to provide a platform for Israeli soccer players to showcase their work.

Players who want to wear the sandal can choose to do so by signing up to the Israel Sporti platform, where they will receive the same support as any other Israeli soccer player.

The Israeli football association’s team, which plays in the Israeli Premier League, the Israeli Super League, and the Israeli Champions League, is the second-highest-ranked professional league in Israel.

It is currently ranked 14th in the world.

The IFA is also the Israeli governing body for international football, which oversees a number of professional leagues, leagues and competitions.

Israel has one of the most expensive sports markets in the Middle East.

A new stadium for Israel’s football team was recently completed in Jerusalem and it is planned to be completed by the end of 2019.