‘The Gucci Show’ star Josh Gad attends premiere of Gucci sandal documentary ‘The Last Sandal’

GUCCI & TAG Heuer, Inc. (NYSE: GUCC) has unveiled a new documentary titled “The Gucci Show: The Last Sandals.”

The documentary features a behind-the-scenes look at the Gucci collection of high-quality, high-fashion footwear, including the Guccis, as well as exclusive interviews with top fashion insiders including designer John Varvatos, founder of Guccio, Gucci &amp, and Gucci founder and chief creative officer Giancarlo Esposito.

“This documentary offers a look into the world of Guicus and provides a fascinating and behind-camera look into Gucci’s incredible legacy,” said Gucci Group Chief Executive Officer Luca Gucci.

“The Last Sands will be the definitive guide to Gucci footwear from the very beginning to the very end of the brand’s history.”

The documentary will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in June.

In addition to the Guicus, the documentary will also include Gucci shoes, accessories and accessories-only Gucci items.

It will feature the latest Gucci and Guccius releases and upcoming collaborations.

The documentary also includes interviews with the likes of Guocin Gucci, Guccios CEO Giancarolo Esposita and Guicio and Guiccio Gucci Co-Founder and CEO Gianluca Espositano, as they detail the journey from their beginnings as a single pair of shoes to the global brand’s iconic line.

“We wanted to highlight the extraordinary story of the Guici family and their journey as we journeyed from a single Gucci shoe to a worldwide brand,” said Esposittano.

“It is the story of a true story.”

The film will premiere on Gucci at Cannes Film Fest on June 21.

The Gucci documentary will be available for purchase online and on iTunes.