Why the baby boy is wearing a sandal on the beach

A little boy in a sandals is in a New York City hospital today.

He was in the hospital for several hours with a fever and a sore throat, but his parents say they are okay and they are hoping to recover soon.

The child, who has not been identified, is in critical condition after having a fever of 110.5 degrees.

The family says they were having the sandals and had them at the beach, but they didn’t get wet.

The boy’s mother, who is a social worker, was walking her dog on the sidewalk when she heard a noise on the street and turned around.

She says the boy turned around and he said, “Mommy, daddy, mommy and daddy,” and he went into the street, screaming.

She said her husband heard the noise and turned his head to look.

“And he saw his little son in the street covered in a blanket,” said the mother, Marisol Garcia.

She rushed to help the boy and called 911, but her husband was too frightened to do so.

He had to stay in his car and drive to the hospital, she said.

The family was told that the child was in stable condition and that he was wearing a hospital gown, but it was too early to tell if he was going to be okay.

He has a history of respiratory infections, and Garcia says he had a chest infection, but doctors told them it was not dangerous.

He is not being treated for pneumonia, and he had pneumonia before, but is now in stable conditions, she added.