The adidas Adiks Top 10 Shoes in 2018

Adidas has released their list of the top 10 shoes in 2018.

Here is the full list.1.

Adidas Ultra Boost 3, Black, Black/White-Red-Black-Blue-Red2.

Adidas Boost 4, White, White-White-White3.

Adidas Originals Ultra Boost, White/Red-White/Black4.

Adidas Red Boost, Black-Red/Black-Red5.

Adidas C-Ticket, White6.

Adidas Socks, Black7.

Adidas T-shirt, White8.

Adidas Black, White9.

Adidas Shoes, Black10.

Adidas AdiKS Top 10 Footwear in 20181.

Nike LeBron X (Mid-Black), Black/Black2.

Nike Air Max (Mid Black), Black-Black3.

Nike Nike LeBron, Black4.

Nike Hyper Boost (Mid Blue), Black5.

Nike Reebok Flyknit (Mid Red), Black6.

Nike Zoom F1, Black8.

Nike Vibram FiveFingers (Mid Orange), Black9.

Nike Flyknit Boost (Mint Blue), Grey10.

Nike Zephyr Black, Grey/White