How red sandal-clad women have ‘banned’ the sandal culture

The red sandalled women of the Himalayas are making the world’s most glamorous footwear a bit of a joke.

The women wear red sandaled shoes and are known for their flamboyant styles.

They have even become the symbol of the region’s culture and the country’s traditional dress.

They have even made their own sandals.

They are known as “shapis” and they are made of sandal wood and are decorated with designs of animals and birds.

The fashion has become so popular that a local shoe shop in Kolkata recently sold them for around Rs 50,000.

The shop owner, who preferred to remain anonymous, said the trend has reached the area as women are turning to the style as a fashion statement.

The women wear the shoes as a way of expressing their pride in their heritage.

“I do this as a statement.

I do not like it being seen as something degrading,” she said.

The red sandalls are not the only ones who have adopted this style of dress.

In the past, some of the traditional styles have been modified or altered to suit the changing times.

In one case, the shoe was made to look like a turban.