How to ‘Get Your Pants On’ in the Navy Blue Sailors

With the Trump administration’s budget cuts, Navy Blue is facing a tough time.

Here’s how to get your pants on.

The Blue Sailor was a long-time favorite among the Navy.

Now, the Navy says it’s facing a “substantial budget cut” that’s causing delays in the construction of new boats and the procurement of replacement parts.

In a letter to the Navy, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said the Navy is looking for a $10 million cash infusion for new Navy Blue boats.

But Mabus stressed the Navy’s budget has not been cut, and said the plan is to replace the boats with newer boats in 2020.

“The Navy has been experiencing severe budgetary constraints and significant cost pressures over the past several years and will continue to be in these difficult circumstances,” Mabus wrote.

Mabus said he and Secretary of the Navy Robert Work have spoken in recent weeks to try to find a solution.

A Navy spokesperson told The Hill that the Navy has made no changes to its budget.

But the spokesperson also told The Washington Post that the department is reviewing all procurement plans.

When the Navy announced the $10 billion in cuts in November, Work said the agency has been working with contractors on a “truly unprecedented” request for proposals.

Work told reporters last month that the navy was in a “brief period of uncertainty” because of the budget cuts.