Jack Ross sandals: Jack’s new shoe company is making shoes for the homeless

Newsweek is reporting that Jack Ross is gearing up to launch his new shoe line, which is modeled on his old company’s work.

Jacks Sandals is best known for making sandals for homeless people, but the company is now working on a line that will include more traditional footwear for people living in rough or under-developed parts of the world.

In a statement to Newsweek, Jacks said:Jack’s Sandals’ vision is to create sustainable, affordable footwear that provides comfort and security in our communities, and to empower people who have a hard time finding affordable, sustainable footwear.

Jack’s Sandal has been selling shoes to the homeless for decades.

But in recent years, the company has focused more on providing high-quality, durable, and practical footwear to those who need it most.

The company’s products are made from premium leather and include socks, shoes, and boots. 

Jacks Sandal launched a new line of shoes in April 2017, and the shoes are designed to appeal to those with the most pressing needs.

The shoes will feature a more traditional approach, as Jacks has long championed the idea of footwear that is made from the body’s own sweat. 

The company will launch the new Jacks sandals in January 2019. 

To see Jacks’ new line, check out the video below.