Women’s sandals: ‘I was looking forward to it’

Women’s shoes are a trend in Australia, and for good reason.

But while we’re happy to see the market grow, the demand for high-quality, stylish sandals isn’t getting the attention it deserves.

As our friends at Strappy Sandals put it: ‘You just want to wear it for the weather and to walk around and walk around your town.

We’re really happy to have a wide range of shoes that are really comfortable and comfortable for walking around.’

What’s more, our friends over at the Australian Sandals Association are now offering the opportunity to own and wear their own shoes for free.

‘This is something we have been doing for years,’ says Karen Beattie, executive director of the association.

‘But for the first time, we’re allowing women to own their own sandals and have them custom made for them, and to share them with friends and family.’

The organisation is encouraging all women to sign up to the Sandals Alliance and buy a pair of sandals.

The association is hoping that women will be able to use the sandals as a way to show off their style and confidence, and they can also take the opportunity of this new opportunity to showcase their unique style.’

I think it’s just fantastic to see women be able take ownership of their own style and to own the style that they have,’ Beatti says.’

We really want to give women the opportunity for their own personal style to be showcased and show that their confidence is still intact and their style is still recognisable.’

The Sandals Australian Sandal Society is also looking for women to wear their sandals at their wedding, and the Sandal Alliance is looking for a new group of women to join in.

‘We’ve seen a huge rise in interest in sandals from women, and we’re really excited to see how the public can support this new community initiative,’ says Beattia.

The Australian Sanders Association says that they will be offering a special sale in July, with the price of the sandal set at $250.

To help get the word out about the Sanders Australian Sandall Society, the organisation is holding a Sandals Summit in Brisbane on August 12, where they will discuss the benefits of owning and using sandals in their own communities.’

It’s such a huge opportunity for women and we want to help promote it for them,’ Bettie says.