How to wear Fendi sandal shoes without breaking the bank

LONDON (AP) When you go shopping for a pair of Fendi shoes, what are you really getting?

A pair of high-fashion sandals with fancy lace detailing or an upscale pair of sneakers that are all the same.

Fendi, the Italian luxury fashion house, sells a range of shoes for women that look good on all skin tones.

For women with darker skin tones, its a slightly more affordable way to wear a pair that could possibly be a little less eye-catching on the street.

The company’s latest release, the Fendi Sandals with Eye-Lines, comes in black and white and features eye-laces that can be removed if you want to be different.

Its called “Eye-Locks,” and it looks a lot like a high-end pair of flip flops.

If you’ve ever wanted to take on a new style and style, then you probably want to wear this.

And the price tag is on the low side, considering the shoes cost about $80.

And if you are looking for a way to go above and beyond a pair, its the Fendis eye-locks that are the best option for you.

These shoes come in three colors: white, black and gold.

The shoes come with a removable eye-lace and are sold in sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

The toe-up, toe-out style, known as the Feline, is also available.

The Fendi Feline has the same design as the shoes, but the design has been altered for the women’s version.

The new Fendi Fashion Sandals are designed with the eye-locked design, but its made with a new material that is much more comfortable for women.

For $80, the new Fendias eye-lock shoes can add some glam to your outfit, and if you decide to wear them with some casual clothes, then its not a bad price.

If the price is right, you could go the Fender route with these shoes and wear them in a more casual setting.

These Fendi shoes are made with polyester in the toe and ankle.

The materials are made from a special polymer that is more resistant to water damage.

The PU material is also a lot more breathable than cotton.

The polyester material is made from polyester and is a little softer than a normal polyester.

It will stretch to make the shoes look even more comfortable than they already do.

These are also available in a black color.

For more affordable Fendi style, check out these Fendi-branded shoes.

The black Fendi is available in black or silver, which are both available for $50, and they also come in a light grey color, which is the shade of brown that Fendi often goes for.

Fendises shoes are priced around $40.

These women’s Fendi and Fendi Women sandals come in black, silver, gold and blue, which come in sizes from S to M. Fender also makes Fendi fashion sandals in a variety of colors, including blue, purple, red, green and black.

The sandals are sold at a low price, but are not a high priority.

The men’s Fender style is the most expensive option, but it is also the most customizable.

There are different options for men’s and women’s styles, with some of the styles being slightly more expensive.

The styles are made in the same materials, but come in different colors.

For men’s shoes, you can opt for a white shoe, which has an angled collar and a lace detailing, or a black shoe, with a simple lace collar and no lace.

For womens, the options are also different, but there are a few options that come in blue and purple.

The women’s versions of these sandals also come with eye-links and are made of a different material, and you can add a matching eye-ring to the shoes.

If all that wasn’t enough, there are also Fendi Men and Fendifys Women shoes that come with an eye-link and eye-Lock, and both are sold for $80 each.

These style are available in white, silver and black, and are available for men and women.

Both Fendi men’s style and Fender womens style come in an olive green color.

The price of the Fenders shoes is on par with the Fends women’s sandals.

Fenders women’s shoes come out in three color options, which range from a black, black, white or white/silver, which comes in sizes S to L. Fends men’s sandal is the cheapest option, coming in a shade of blue.

For the price of one Fendi shoe, you get about one Fender Men sandal and one Fendibes womens sandal.

The prices for these two Fenditias shoes are a