Gucci platform heels return with new colorways

NEW YORK — Gucci Platform sandals return in a limited-edition collection for the spring and summer season.

The Gucci Sandals Collection features three styles — the black-and-red Gucci Ballet Sandals, the black Gucci Cinque Sandals and the black and white Gucci Converse Sandals.

Available now for pre-order at, the Gucci shoes are available for $220, and the Guccis are available now at select retailers including Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom.

The black- and white sandals are available in five colorways: black-on-black, black-out, grey-out and white-on.

The grey sandals feature a black-winged motif with a black outline.

Available in black and grey, the grey sandal features a black, black and black motif.

The new Gucci sandals range are available at select retail locations and online at www, and

The other three Gucci footwear styles include the Guisas Ballet, Ballet Bistro and Ballet Mango.