Men’s sandals are so trendy, Nike says it will discontinue its men’s sandal in 2018

A Nike executive said Monday that the company will stop making the popular women’s sandaled footwear in 2018 and that it will phase out the company’s popular negrilus sandals.

In a statement, Nike said it would phase out its mens sandals by mid-2018.

The company said the change will “help us focus on making Nike’s most popular footwear more sustainable and accessible to everyone.”

“Nike has long been a leader in the sustainable design and manufacture of shoes, and this decision will help us focus more on sustainable design, manufacturing and distribution and will help the company create a more sustainable footwear ecosystem,” the statement read.

“Nikes commitment to the sustainability of its footwear is a reflection of our commitment to building a world where everyone has the opportunity to be successful.

We look forward to continuing to innovate and deliver shoes that make a difference in the lives of people around the world.”

Nike said it had been working with the U.S. and Canadian governments to “enhance and improve our sustainability program.”

Nikes goal for 2018 is to make sure that it has the most sustainable footwear available for the U!


market, which has grown to over $300 billion annually.

In a statement Monday, Nike CEO Mark Parker said the company would focus its efforts on providing “the best and most affordable footwear for women.”

“We’re excited to have been part of the effort to ensure the continued success of Nike’s sustainable footwear, and we look forward for continued collaboration with our international partners and the U.”