Why are there no pink sandals in the Women’s Super League?

Wal-Mart is expected to launch its first pink sandal in the WSL, which begins on Wednesday, but the retailer has yet to confirm a model.

According to a report in the Italian press, the company’s Women’s Soccer team will use a pink sandaled boot to wear during the WSA season.

The pink boot is said to be a collaboration with the sportswear brand Nudie, which is famous for its women’s sandals.

A spokesperson for the Italian retailer told Sportiva the company was not yet ready to confirm the model.

The WSL is the first-ever league to be based on a gender-neutral model, following in the footsteps of the Bundesliga and Serie A. The new WSL will feature 16 teams and eight groups, with the first group of eight teams scheduled to kick off on March 9.