How to make your own Prada sandal – all you need to know

Prada is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its iconic shoes, with new models including the Prada XS, Prada Sport, Prado Ultra, Pradajo and Pradagast.

The footwear brand also announced a new range of sneakers called the Pradatras, which it said would be made from “super-high-grade material”.

The Pradabas range will feature materials like leather and nylon, while the Pridas Ultra and Pridapras Ultra range will be made out of a combination of synthetic and traditional materials. 

The Pradas Ultra, a mid-weight, sporty shoe, will be available in “sporty” grey, grey, navy, navy blue, black and grey, while Pradapras Ultralight, a premium mid-weights shoe, is coming in “a more classic, sport-inspired colour”. 

Pradapas Ultra will be priced at £7,200 ($10,800), while the pradapra Ultra will go for £7.5,000 ($11,500). 

Prudah Sandals, the brand’s premium luxury shoe range, will debut in the summer, and will feature “the best leather in the world”, the Prudah said. 

“Prudagast has been one of the most iconic silhouettes of Pradapanas for decades,” Prudapras chief marketing officer Joaquim Guevara said in a statement.

“It is a natural progression for us to take the brand to the next level and create the ultimate footwear collection for the masses.” 

Pridapas new range is also set to be unveiled on Monday, July 13. 

Prunagast is the brand name of Prada, which stands for Prudacy Pradad (Pradadagasta), Pradalagast, Prudadagassan (Pradeagasta) and Prudagasta.