Socks and sneakers for sale at Nike’s new resort locations

Stepping outside of its shoe and apparel stores, the Nike subsidiary has announced it will begin selling socks and sneakers to hotel guests at its new resorts locations.

The locations will open March 16, and the first 100 guests will be able to get a pair of socks and shoes for the price of one.

Nike said the socks and soles, made of a durable nylon material, will be available in black, white, pink and grey.

The footwear will be sold for $150 a pair and can be purchased at a Nike store or online.

They will be offered for sale through March 17.

The socks will be made of 100 per cent wool, and can cost as much as $60.

In Canada, the retail price for a pair will be about $160, but the socks will cost an additional $20, which is included in the price tag.

Nikes new resorts will be located in Calgary, Edmonton and Victoria, B.C. The company said the new locations are aimed at increasing foot traffic and attracting guests who want to stay longer.

“We’re building our resorts to accommodate guests, so they can stay longer, eat better, get a workout, and experience new and exciting places.

The new location locations are ideal for the hotel, as they will be designed to accommodate the high demand that our guests have been expressing for these resorts,” said a spokesperson for the company.

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