How to make the perfect pair of sandals for a fall wardrobe

Fitting your sandals will be a matter of personal preference, but one thing is for certain: you want to look your best in them.

A pair of heels or a dress, it’s the shoes and flats that really need to be on point, but there’s no denying the importance of the sandals.

You want them to be sturdy enough to keep you cool and keep you looking stylish in the winter. 


Cloth Sandals are made from 100% recycled material. 


These are not meant to be the sole source of winter comfort, but they do offer a solid base for your feet. 


Sandals are a great way to stay cool while enjoying a great view of the ocean or the city. 


They’re also great for a quick and easy warm up in the morning. 


And they’re perfect for lounging around in during the winter months, even though they’re made from recycled material and not water resistant. 


If you don’t feel comfortable wearing sandals or a pair of boots, then you can always make your own. 


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