‘A new day is dawning’: Cole Haan on his ‘New Day’ interview

The Colette Haan Sandals brand is no stranger to controversy.

In April this year, the brand was embroiled in controversy after the company published a promotional video which featured a naked woman, accompanied by the tagline “A new dawn is dawnING.”

The video went viral and generated over 1.2 million views, but the controversy has now taken a backseat to the brand’s return to fashion in 2017.

Speaking to RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Colette has explained the brand is trying to be “as inclusive as possible” when it comes to its image.

“I have to be honest with you, I am a woman.

I have to make sure I don’t look like a stereotypical woman.

You know, my body has always been this way,” Colette said.”

The first thing is I have a body like this, I have no problems in that regard.

I am always careful about how I look and what I wear, and I am very careful with my makeup, my hair.

I think if I’m going to be in a bikini and a bikini, I should at least try to make myself look like that, because that is my body.

I don.

I mean, that’s my job.”

In an interview with the Irish Times in 2017, the ColetteHaan brand admitted to a lack of “feminist representation” in the brand.

“We do want to be as inclusive as we can be,” Colegate said.

“But I do have a very strong, positive view of myself as a woman and I feel like that is something that I have been very focused on and I have tried to bring it to the forefront of what I do.”

It is not just the women.

I really want to show a different side to the world, and that’s why I decided to start a new brand.”‘

A lot of women are afraid to walk down the street’The brand’s new line is designed to highlight the diversity of the Irish community.”

When we started, it was all about the girls, all the girls,” Cole said.

But as the brand has become more mainstream, Cole has noticed a lot of female shoppers are hesitant to shop with the brand, particularly if it has “a lot of different shapes and colours”.”

They have a certain fear of being judged by someone else, they have a fear of what they might be perceived as being. “

And they just have to walk away.”

“They have a certain fear of being judged by someone else, they have a fear of what they might be perceived as being.

They are afraid that they will be judged for something they don’t even do.”

In a statement to RTE, the company said the new line was designed to be inclusive, but that it had to “balance a lot” of people’s needs and preferences.

“There are a lot women who feel that they do not fit the ColeHaan silhouette and feel it is too girly or too feminine,” the statement read.

“Our goal is to give them the best possible Cole product they can get, and in doing so we will continue to be an inclusive brand for all genders and all sizes.”