Why Abedeo sandal?

Abedeos sandals have become a staple of the Palestinian and Arab world in recent years, as a popular way to keep cool in hot and crowded places.

The style has also been worn by Arab athletes and celebrities, and has inspired many women to emulate it.

The sandals are often made from a material that is mostly made of natural rubber and rubber-like fibers.

The company Abedeous has developed a unique polymer that is both soft and breathable.

In a statement, the company said its new material, a mix of a polyester and silicone blend, has been found to provide “great wear and comfort.”

The product, which the company says is “in the process of being manufactured,” is being tested on the body of a Palestinian woman who had the product on for 15 minutes in the hot and humid heat of the West Bank.

The new material is being marketed as a solution for both women who are working outside and women who have been out of the home.

A new sandal design by Abedeose has sparked a heated debate over whether the product should be banned.

A Palestinian woman wears a sandal while waiting for her taxi to a bus stop in Gaza City, Gaza Strip, March 18, 2020.

A number of Muslim-majority countries have banned the use of sandals in their countries, while some governments have allowed women to wear sandals.

A woman uses her sandal in the West Jordan city of Mafraq on March 19, 2020, to reach the border with Israel.

(Photo by Mohammed Salem/Reuters) A few weeks ago, the Palestinian Authority banned the wearing of sandal at the borders of the Gaza Strip and the West Gaza Strip after a suicide bomber killed three people and wounded dozens at a checkpoint between Gaza and the Israeli-occupied West Bank on February 23.

The Palestinian Authority said that the decision was made to protect the lives of security forces who protect the Palestinian people.

According to The Associated Press, the decision has also prompted calls to ban the sandals worldwide.

The AP reports that the Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas, has also expressed concern about the issue, saying that the “problem is very serious.”

The Israeli government also has criticized the Palestinian move.

A senior Israeli official, Yair Lapid, tweeted that the sandal is a “terrorist” product.